Submission due date: January 25, 2019

Reference letters should be submitted by this date too


Please click on More below for instructions on the submission process


Letter writers:  We are extending the deadline for letters to be sent in, to January 27, 2019.

Please contact the applicant for details on how to submit your  letter; or you may email me (Caroline Verdier,

Candidates for the award or an advisor who nominates a candidate should submit the following materials electronically by the deadline above to the submission site, in ascii, PDF, or Word format.

1)  A cover letter indicating the name and current contact information for the candidate, title of the dissertation, Ph.D. institution, date on which the Ph.D. was awarded, and contact information for the three faculty who will be contributing letters of support.

2)  A curriculum vitae of the candidate.

3) The dissertation itself.

4)  A précis of no more than 4,000 words (references do not count in the word limit) written by the candidate describing the dissertation research. This description should clearly express the importance, novelty, and interdisciplinary contribution of the dissertation. The précis should be suitable for review by a broad spectrum of cognitive scientists.

5) Three letters of support from three faculty members, sent individually by each letter-writer to the submission site. The letters should explicitly describe how the dissertation research transcends a single field comprising cognitive science to address core issues of relevance to several fields. We recommend that these letters refer to particular sections of the dissertation to support claims for interdisciplinary importance.


Cognitive Science Society